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French Touched Studio is leading the way for Eyelash & Brow services in New York City by teaching women & men the value of investing in beauty services and self-care.


Located in the heart of Chelsea, our private studio is a safe place where you can come to enhance your natural beauty and pamper yourself. Each service is customized to fit the client's wants, needs, appearance, and lifestyle.


We strive to introduce our clients to their best selves, the undeniably beautiful version that is confident in who they are and what they can accomplish.


When you walk in our door, you will always find a supportive & positive atmosphere. And when you leave, you will always feel confident & empowered.

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Born and raised in France, Estelle Sok immersed herself in the Beauty Industry in 2009 and never looked back. Through 4 years of in-depth training in a private aesthetic school (Peyrefitte Group & DC Dumonceau), she gained a vast amount of experience as a Brow Stylist, Esthetician, Masseuse, and even as a Sales Representative for brands such as Dior, Chanel, and Lancome to name but a few. Each day she learned the secrets that allow her to enhance each individual's unique features in an inspiring way.

In 2015, she decided to embark on a journey and began to upgrade her Lash & Brow skills. Her journey took her from France, to the United States, and  Canada, as she saw her passion for beauty flourish and her knowledge grew day after day. As a result of this personal transformation, Estelle is known as someone who specializes in luxury services for lashes and eyebrows.

Her passion for artistry and burning desire to provide her clients and students with nothing but the best service is what sets her apart: ”I came into the industry because I loved the art and I love to make people feel great about themselves. I come from a genuine place and it shows in my artistry, in the customer service I provide, and the way I’m able to make my clients feel."

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